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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

13 Jan - Tough Night! - Eur/Usd, Usd/Jpy

This is simply not my week. picked the wrong pair again. watching the eur/usd, but simply opening and closing at absolute wrong price. approaching second hour of new york session, price moves towards my target price to go long. price dips, and i went in. price dips further. throughout the day usd has been giving away, but approaching the third hour of new york session, it started to rally against euro and aussie. cable dips a little but not as hard, probably due to bullish NIESR GDP Estimate for pound announcement. a long bear candle kicked my ass. (-42)

i had in mind a price to short for Usd/Jpy off the trendline (blue) in a downtrend. hard time in the process. it seems like 70% of my open position life-time, im holding a floating loss. during the third hour where USD was rallying, surprisingly it was depreciating against the Yen.. technical comes into play? i was in two trades (second position was average loss). took small win from this pair. (+17)

i was at a point where i had two trades in each pair that were all floating loss and i was like pulling my hair most of the night. i focused.. yet this thing happen, perhaps at some point of time i wasn't really executing wad my mind told me to, but too much thoughts makes mi hesitate my decision.

-25 pips for the night.


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