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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dec 09 & 2010 Resolution

Happy new year to all readers. As u can see me and Bottle did not post much of our trades past two weeks. As for me, taking the two weeks break since christmas till now. will be coming back for the start of the year. anyway, im still red for my December 2009. My only improvement this time was the pips lost wasnt that much. Here is my graph for Dec 2009.

26 executed trades - 15 winning trades, 11 losing trades.
-8 pips. wads the problem here? my loser lot size are bigger, and more pips, money management.
best trade: 90pips usd/jpy on 15 Dec.
worst trade: big lot size loss -27 pips eur/usd on 12 Dec.

since my LIVE trading since August 2009, except for the first month, the rest are RED (losing) month.

Aug 09: +30 pips
Sep 09: -156 pips
Oct 09: -107 pips
Nov 09: -44 pips
Dec 09: -8 pips

in TOTAL: 100 profit trades, 69 loss trade for 2009.

The reason my august was green was becuz that last trade of that month, the revenge trading was a success. which is also a great reason why the months that follows after that are red. i had a trade that went below my initial capital, i took double lot size for revenge and took back my wins.

September was the worst month. 4 revenge trades that took a drawdown of -70% in total. balls bursting. October had a revenge trade that took -20% of equity that point of time. Although still red, there was not a single revenge trade on November and December anymore. heart-wrenching to dwell on those losses but trying my best not to do it again.

As I've told FX in his posts, my equity is kinda living on a thread. i may not be winning yet, but i do enjoy seeing lesser lost and learning from past mistakes. experiences is the best lesson, and is also the hardest. i luv to see myself doing more analysis before any trades, and there as each day past, i m finding out what kind of a trader i am. it is like a sculptor, as each day past his material and artpiece began unfolding as i see myself, although not yet a complete form at the point of writing.

I read a book by Malcolm Gladwell - Blink. As he has pointed out that, a person might not noe about wad he actually noe, it lives in our subsconscious. my explanation suck here, but let me give u an example. consciously, i think that due to full time work and other commitments at hand, i thought i might be better off a day trader and becuz i cant bring trades to slp. but subsconsciouly, i maybe a better swing trader, probably becuz thats wad ive been doing 90% of my demo trading and for that, it is also a cause that my analysis and trading plan are longer-term than intra-day.

basically, what he meant is that a lot of ppl who noes and does a particular thing, he does not noe the actual explanation to another party (previous paragraph might be a good example). he trade successfully and he does 80% of winning trades, he juz noe it in him but he doesnt noe how to bring out in words, how to express wad makes him so successful, or worst, he thinks that it is something else that made him so successful.

Anyway, coming back, realistically, i might not be able to bank in some profits (if there is) in upcoming months. but i hope to see myself having TIGHTER DISCIPLINE, showing u guys profits at month end in terms of pips and monetary, and a much sharpened trader.

I wish all of u success in 2010! new decade, new year, new start! Happy trading!

Peace.. No revenge..


FX said...

From my experience this trading adventure in getting better in discipline is something measured in years. I hardly can say that I'm better from month to month, but I can most definitely tell that from year to year perspective. It's not easy to survive that long and keep positive mental attitude with so much losing, but what other choice we have?

Risk Control Master said...

Keep the blog going and you will be in green soon.
Welcome back and good luck in 2010.

Black said...

@FX right on bro, as the saying by Confucius "It doesn't matter how slowly you go-so long as you do not stop."
and thanks for the heads up, i will still piece these monthly progress for a better yearly outcome, hopefully. :)

@RCM thanks bro, all the best to u in 2010 also. rem ur 2010 goals!

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