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Monday, January 18, 2010

Trading From Your Gut by Curtis Faith

Just ordered this hard-covered book online, after i saw it on local bookstore. it is way cheaper than the retail price even after member's discount. wonder wad was the membership for, if only i had found out the online site earlier.

There are always debates on whether trading is purely psychological or simply mechanical. the reason i picked up this book was becuz i felt myself leaning towards the psychologically side of trading more. and therefore, i wanna learn more. its not that i put aside technical trading completely, it is which one u rely on more when u hit the execute button. if im not wrong, this book was only published on December 2009.

Some of the much detailed reviews of the book i found are here. i will do my personal review after i got the book and finish reading it. another reason i have been picking up trading books was becuz, i still wan to keep myself occupied and learning when im not trading and learning in practical. i travel to work and back home two hours a day by MRT train. that makes about ten hours a week. and roughly forty hours a month. i could better use some of those times to read up instead of staring blank. forty hours a month.. almost two full days just to travel.. oh dear.



Attitude Trader said...

Hey Black,

I haven't read this book yet so I look forward to your review.

Appreciate the detail of your daily trading reviews too.


Black said...

Hello AT,

Thank you, I will definitely make a personal review here when I have finish reading the book.

I notice you're into subjects about "human mind" from ur blog. I love studying about the thoughts that control us too. Hope we can share more.

Anyway, welcome back. And thanks for dropping by! :)

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