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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wrapping up for 2009

Hello all!! Bottle here wishing u a belated Merry Christmas and a advance Happy new year!!! Today, the last day of the year and im here to wrap things up. The good the bad and the screw ups and some of my thoughts in words. Haven been trading much this month. Dont see much opportunity. Thats why. Is it because its coming the end of year hence everything ease down? Hope thats why cause i expect to see more action next year yea!!

Somehow i've lost the fire that i once possessed when i just started trading. That was like 4 months or more ago. I dont have the urge to go in trade anymore like some anxious kid, instead, im now more like a old man sitting by on my rocking chair waiting for money to drop. I rarely trade more than once per day and often set up the trade and went on to do other stuff without sticking my eyes on the chart. Good news or bad news? I read before that this is suppose to be good and yup i have to agree it is. Only one small bad point that is i learn lesser since i dont look up the chart that often. But the most impt point is, this month's account... Green

Had a little chat with Black, was quite disturbed... or rather worried by certain things he shared with me. No wrong, no right, true or not its up to individual i guess. Well u see, we just started this Forex trading not long ago and we pin high hopes on it. I myself set great targets in the coming future. So stuff like this often make me think u know?

The content goes like this... Its about our indicators and techniques that we all have been using is losing its power, its accuracy. In their words, bows and arrows against the chart. They are using gunships and tanks while we are still riding on our four legged beast with flesh as armor. How can we rely so much on techniques created in the 80s n 90s and expect success in modern market? These words strikes me. It sounded logical and true.

But whenever there is darkness, there will be light somewhere. I went around looking for successful traders (still) who uses techniques that i have been trying to master and learn. They are doing very well i should say. then i tell myself, have faith... Even modern war tacticians and strategist still read up ancient war strategies from great man from the past ya? U know... great man like those from the 3 kingdoms? Or u know "Shun Zhi Bing Fa" ( Sun Tzu , The Art Of War)? Yea they maybe bows and arrows, but... in the movie "Avatar" the good guys still win the war right??? Hahaha... Maybe for now, i will stick to what that has been proven to work.

Have faith. Keep flying and i believe we can succeed.

Rather be the Crow that soars high in the sky with dangers than be a bird in a cage.

1 comment:

Black said...

well said bro. i believe we can do it.

the only downside is that u've juz reviewed avatar's spoiler which i havent watch!!

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