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Monday, December 21, 2009

21 Dec - Aud/Usd & Eur/Usd Daily: Just Analysis..

This is a screenshot i captured from Aud/Usd Daily chart. im still watching and waiting for the nxt move. We should see what awaits us in the New York session. From this image, we can see price laying nicely on the brown 100 sma line, any possibility of breaking down? its been a big move and rally for the US last week, personally i am not very keen in entering at this point of time, dont really know what might happen next. wait for a reversal? lets see Eur/Usd below..

Another Daily time frame i captured. a smooth downtrend. looks like a doji formed, followed by currently a rising candle. still a very strong trend based on ADX indicator. stochastic oversold, but havent hook up. hmm.. noe wad? guess its a night where im juz gonna watch.


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