"Take Risks: If you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise. Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Monday, December 7, 2009

Transaction History For November 2009

Start of a new month. Start of a new target. Forget the lost. But not the lessons learnt.

Yes thats whats happening now. The month of November has been a roller coaster ride for me.
First, i taste the sweetness of a "successful" trader. Every trade was entered correctly, things were all going so smoothly for me. Account doubled. I thought there i am in my own acres of diamonds, everything is within my reach. I am finally seeing things going for me and yes! The start of my profittable journey as a Forex trader. Just when i starts to fantasize even more as to what all these success can bring me in the near future. Lightning struck, the smooth journey i m enjoying proves to be too smooth... i slipped and fell back down straight to earth. I am human once again. Below is a graphic example of what happened.

Yes yes yes, i talked about the sweet part above and ended with bitterness. But whats after that? I would never imagine the aftermath could be so devastating. As you see from the image above, the first up spike is the doubled of my account. Sweet. Thereafter a sharp fall. That u can refer to one of my post on Stop Loss. Its about me being stupid n naive n not setting Stop Loss. It cleared my profits. Then i fought back. Same thing happen thereafter. Stop Loss not set.
Now i start the new month with a lost.

I mentioned about the devastating aftermath yea? Well, after these few traumatizing loss and bad experience, i became worried and paranoid about my trades. The confidence that i used to have when entering trades and riding thru them is gone. I hardly get into trades now even after my system tells me signals are right. And when i'm in trade, i would become anxious the moment trade go against me, eventually, i start to exit early and cut my profit short. These all sounds familiar aye? Yes.. these are all the things that i did and happened during my initial first or second month of my trading journey. Its like all the hardworks and "mental" building i have achieved and worked for previously just vanish.

Now is all about picking myself up and get back on track. Not sure where Black heard or read, he told me that we are in the crucial stage of our journey, the stage whereby the glow of the fire inside us starts to diminish... Guess its when most new traders couldnt sustain their account or just cant take it anymore and give up? Well, not sure if its true, but yes im feeling kinda low morale too. I started spending lesser time on charts.

Looks like i have to start getting books to read and get inspired! Get the hype back!!! AH WOOoO AHH WOOoOO!!


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