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Friday, February 19, 2010

Trade It Like Roger Federer

I'm not saying Roger Federer trades the currency market, he doesnt need to, but there are some traits in him which i think is good to follow, that i can relate in trading. i started watching tennis slightly more than a year back. i like players like Nadal, Del Potro, Andy Roddick, Tommy Haas, and of course Roger Federer.

One reason is that he goes emotional after the match, and i felt it with him too. i still remember he almost got the 2009 Australian Open but lost in the final but then later changed his role in the history of tennis. he has a facebook page where he did mentioned its his own in a video!! probably maintain by his agent or something, at least he plays a part in it. 3million fans at this point!

Secondly, so far i've seen him in matches, he is always calm during the matches. he does get taken aback by rare silly mistakes he made or poor luck at times, but he juz never gets his emotion overrun himself. thats a trait of a true champion. i can relate to trading from that. for example, a lot of times, i find myself pulling my hair or at the verge of throwing my mouse when a trade goes against me. it's bad!

Although the market doesnt take into account ur expression, unlike tennis, where u might boost ur opponent's confidence if u appear to look distress, it is still important to maintain calm. stay in ur setup, change only when tide turns, and never let emotion gets in your head!

Many times, i witness him down 2 sets, but still calmly claiming back 3 sets thereafter and winning the match. it feels to me like trading the cable, where i always have to face at least a -25 pips before it comes back. It is important to trust yourself and stay focus!

Celebrate or grieve only after the match (trades)!

Think like a champion, think like Roger Federer!


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