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Friday, February 26, 2010

Black February Review

For some reasons, whenever i put up the feedburner reader count, my traffic starts to fall significantly. i guess after experimenting it twice by displaying it, i probably shd juz keep it in my pocket lol.

19 trades (12 winners, 7 losers)

(in terms of pips)
Week 1: +8
Week 2: +22
Week 3: +23
Week 4: -89

Month: -30 pips
Profit/Loss: +0.6%

Very bad end to the month after building consistently for the first 3 weeks. conclusion: revenge-monster is still alive, and kicking. PnL is still green, luckily. i took larger position sizes earlier in the month becuz my equity has hit certain target point. but fortunately, those larger position werent part of the time i went crazy.

For March, i am looking at going back to my original position size first, until i hit my equity target (hopefully). i am also looking at cultivating swing trading methods, but leaving position open thru news release is always not so comforting, rendering sleepless nights. i will try it on demo first though.

I am seeking new job, planning to make a switch. Hopefully doesnt land on somewhere that affects my trading routine. Bless me. Ultimately, one way or another, i dont foresee myself to become a full time trader in near future. reason no.1: obviously i am not capable so far. secondly, london and new york crossover trading hours is night time over here. so the least i should do is still maintain a day job. and employers pays u CPF in this country, which is something our citizens need very badly. property purchase, study loans, medical, retirement etc. lastly, if so i wouldnt be bothering with the night classes, would i?

Still in the process of reading Curtis Faith's book, very slow lol, which i had promised to do a review. becuz i was at the same time reading the book by Donald Trump - Think Big and Kick Ass. i will do a review of it up next.

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