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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gbp/Usd & Drawing Dead

Sell-limit for Gbp/Usd on 50 SMA line wasn't triggered (less 1 pip away) and it went down a bit.. was kinda pissed and it later come back up and filled me in along with its ride.. take-profit +50 pips at previous low.

Usd/Chf is still running and been on ranging whole of today. Currently looking good. I am hoping to ride a long one for this. Do or die.

Am currently playing 6-max cash game for poker. Yesterday's session was running fine until I busto against a maniac who was raising overbet like 2x pot size for a few hands, as if trying to play punk.

So immediately the next hand I was dealt an AJ. He didn't look strong on pre-flop. Flop came A-J-5 and I thought I had this guy. He checked and I bet the shit out of him. In the end, he turned over pocket Aces, I was drawing dead since the flop. I opened my mouth staring blank and at the moment felt like how Mike McDermott got busto by KGB in the Rounders.. of course I didn't lose 3 high-society.. just my buy-in.

Today I was trying deep-stack 6-max. I played loosely (how I thought it was) and almost halved my stack. Quickly tightened up and luckily won back my losses, yesterday's losses and about a buy-in. Rare days for me for poker like this.


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