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Friday, April 20, 2012

Just Random - Full Time Trader/Poker

Ok, after some "bad beats" last week, I took a break away from the chart until Wednesday before hitting the poker tables n chart again.

I think the break serves well because last week I just kept trying and then i made things worst, and then I felt worst when the losing streak persisted. I am currently on trades too but im posting this from iPad in starbucks probably another day for charts.

I am currently unemployed, not depending on poker n trading yet of course, still looking around for a full time job. Finally got called up for an interview this week and it was smooth. I hope for a follow up call. In the meantime, during my unemployed days, I experienced the feeling of being a full time trader / poker player.

It is true that u feel wondrous without the need to wake up and report to work a specific time, the need to show ur boss ur in the office doing work n sending emails. You are ur own boss, u do what u wan u knock off anytime u want.

But everything got its good and bad side. When u r not a consistent winner like me, u dont have a pay day. Although i barely spend money like i did when i had a job (expensive lunches and after-work hang out), other than monthly fixed expenses, it can be scary. I had winning months in Jan n Feb but a March losing streak could tear everything down.

I stopped shaving regularly, stopped going to my regular barber (only go downstairs for a cheap quick cut, where my head now looks like sea urchin) n I stopped talking much about latest news around the world like in the office. But all the above could just be personal habits lolllll.

My routine has been, wake up when im done sleeping (obv), put anything on and go downstairs for a quick meal, or cereal. Then I fire a few tables in pokerstars n started grinding. For abt 3-4 hours when im feeling tired or the tables not looking good, I'll take a break and then wait for the London opening at 3pm, while reading up updates on the market. If no opportunity for trades, I would close the chart n probably wait around until New York session at 9pm after dinner. Else I would be reading some trading/poker books. TV has been a stranger to me since years back. Sometimes I sat down at the couch n barely know how to switch to a particular channel.

My stakes r currently not enough to feed 3 meals a day, let alone the lack in consistency. So I think I still got much to learn n probably work for and save for a more realistic capital.

Bottle n I met every Tuesday n Thursday for the past few weeks for Black Bottle's weekly meeting. Yeah right, we didnt pass our physical test and have to go back to camp for training twice a week. We are all soldiers here in Singapore. If there were a war our economy would be hit hard probably becuz all the engineers, doctors, businessmen etc would have to put on their helmet n die for the country. Thats why we have to keep fit and take yearly proficiency tests. First time I didnt pass... So FFFUUUUUUUU.

Anyway, its good to maintain physical training be it working or unemployed.

Just some random thoughts this post, time to embrace the weekend! Gd luck n enjoy!

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