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Friday, April 6, 2012

Many Many Pairs

 Aud/Jpy - Stopped out real quickly after entry.

-31 pips

Aud/Usd - No trade. But I notice the support level that the Chikou Span of Ichimoku indicator is quite accurate in this pair.

Eur/Aud - 3 signals were hit, therefore a strong sell signal. Cross-over of Tenkan-sen (red) below Kijun-sen (blue), below the Kumo (cloud). Price breaks below Chikou Span support.

+52 pips

Eur/Chf - This trade I held since last week. Thinking price wouldn't break below as maybe SNB were "on it". First position was stopped out last week. Today when I saw CHF CPI m/m bullish, I closed my last position after a pull back, which was a good choice seeing that long candle after that. Tired of holding this position as it used up my margin to trade other pairs.
-28 pips

Gbp/Jpy - Another strong sell signal I noticed from this pair. This one did not hit target (missed by 2 pips), after seeing a weak yen going into New York session I decide to bag it, before it really retrace so much.. another lucky escape.

+71 pips

Usd/Jpy - Sell-limit for this pair. But it was not a very good entry though, still within Chikou span support. Seeing the weakened Yen like the Gbp/Jpy, I decided not to gamble and closed it out 20 minutes before USD unemployment claims which forecast a bullish USD data.

+1 pips

can't think of any decent title for the post.


ryannnn said...

You should post your poker drawing that PokerStars commented on :)



ryannnn said...

Of course...that's probably better for your poker blog. Cheers anyway! Haha :)

Black said...

Lol u saw that!? Thought it was quite lame but fun.. Yup maybe I should put it up... If I win the fpps!

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