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Monday, November 2, 2009

Transaction History / Progress Since Start

Hi this is Bottle, i hereby present you the first post of the month~~~.

As we all know (Well some of you may not know if you missed out the very first few posts), the purpose of this site is to actually share the trading live of 2 noob traders (Black and I). We promised to keep updating all our happenings during this trading journey. Be it frustration of losing or happiness of profitting or even the agony of floating loss. Hoping to share all the UPs and DOWNs with all other new traders out there who share the same sentiments. So we decided to start doing a monthly report on our transaction history and progress.
Ok lets get it started~~

Alright the above shows my transaction from start of my live account during AUGUST. Wasnt doing well at all from start. Until you see that cliff down there? I adopted a "One trade win all my lost back" mentality. So i traded with bigger lot. But end up going the other way. Suicide. And ya that is also the month where almost every fucking trade i went into goes against me! Really frustrating. You know, long price becomes resistance, short price becomes support this kinda thing. Screwed.

This is my SEPTEMBER transaction history. As you see, still, i am plunging to my death. Further and further away from my capital. And STILL!!! Every trade is going against my way. Same old story as the above, long price becomes resistance short price becomes support bla bla bla. Fuck it. Disastrous. My mum will sure kill me for throwing away my $$ just like that. So its best to keep it from her =)
O ya this month's transaction history looks like a shoreline depths eh? Its smoothing out reason being i trade with much smaller lots. So all the lost wont seem so devastating. Its quite important to keep to a smaller lot for smaller account and new traders like myself.

Last but not least, the month for OCTOBER. Finally i see some progress. Some light. Sticking to whatever rules and advise from pro traders. I SEE PROGRESS!! But... its really little compare to what i've lost in the previous months. This is really the progress that we need to keep ourself going. Keep ourself motivated. Is this a sign of a trend reversal? Well we shall see, there is still a long way to go. Lets start climbing slowly back to gaining back capital first.

Thats all folks!!

A Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step

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