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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Forex Journal: November 2009

Hello, followers of the Black Bottle, its the time of the month again~ no no not menstruation but its the november issue of the Forex Journal. i had better experience in buying this issue becuz u noe wad? if u had read my previous post on this, i was cheated TWO MICRO LOT! they had since slashed price from SGD$11 (quite exp to me consider the thickness of the magazine) to SGD$9.80 which i find it fairly reasonable. to top it off, purchasing it thru Times Bookstore @ Plaza Singapura, as a Times Member, i still enjoy a 5% discount which means to say i bought it at SGD$9.30.

Why would i need to subscribe monthly issue which can save me less dan 10 dollars a year? probably the time spent on looking for the magazine tho. i was expecting them to slightly reduce the subscription price since their monthly issue has already been reduced, but nope.

Anyway a little on the content on the issue, as u can see the cover page look very much like the previous issue. in fact, i almost thought they had only changed the colour of the mag cover! but not really, i guessed they have returned the previous glasses to retired trader Bob and had borrowed Uncle Jeff's much rectangular glasses for this issue. and probably flipped over the newspaper in the background. it is so "uncle" leh... the cover. even by putting cartoon currency symbol as magazine cover could have been better off than an old man's desk, ain't it?

Anyway, part of the reason that i bought this issue was still the content on trading techniques, monthly report on datas. it is quite up to date. and.. Kathy Lien's one of the new contributor for the issue! she shared the very first article on the review on the greenback, US dollars. Follow by Swing trading techniques and trading by PRICE ACTION! there's aso an article that talks about money management, the chinese yuan and monthly market outlook. i havent' finish reading though cuz i only bought it yesterday.

Talking about money management, i remember the October issue that i read there was something wrong about it. its article was about Tom (or was it John?) who lost his entire capital account in two weeks. there was minor error becuz it mentioned micro lot as $1, instead of 10cents. nothing major tho, juz might mislead new traders along the way.

I personally took about 2 months to understand why is a standard lot $10 per pip, mini lot $1 per pip, and $0.10 per pip for micro lot. i went thru babypips school again and again and again till i drill the thing into my mind. u need to do some calculation to understand, which is something that i suck at.

U can find the magazine in most presses. take some time off during non-trading periods and enjoy!!


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