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Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Forex Journal

Have u come across this magazine? The Forex Journal. I have been looking for some magazine on forex so that I can keep up and read on more knowledge on the subject. Recently, i came across a press-stop basement of a shopping centre. i saw this Forex Journal. i decided to buy one as a try-out. for the thickness of the magazine, SGD$11 is a little expensive to me, but nevertheless i got one home to read.

it covers interesting and valuable subjects on forex. i was contemplating on subscribing to a 2-year on the magazine, but was still thinking of checking out for any other forex magazine first before plunging in. because SGD$11 is really a bit too high. last saturday, i went back to the press-stop and saw the new October issue (picture below).

they have redesign the cover with more 'IN' font, haha. this time i saw the price was covered by a piece of sticker read $10. i thought woa, this press is reducing the price so i bought it on the spot. i went up to times and saw the similar issue, and then the original was actually priced SGD$9.80 WTF! kena cheat TWO FUCKING MICRO LOTS! twenty cents isnt big impact to me, but as a trader, if u trade one micro lot, thats the amount of the spread cost U NOE??? im juz kidding lol anyway its the principle that matters argh. nvm. anyway back on the magazine content..

it covers topic such as, swing trading techniques, monthly reviews on currency pairs, importance of money management, economic calendars etc. contributed mostly by forex experts. all of them are very useful knowledge especially for new traders like us. i love to read on different forex experts opinions regards to some things, although a lot are commonly similar, like the money management stuff, but forex is a ever-learning business. we always come across things we are new to, right? u read money management a lot, but frankly speaking how closely do u follow it? sometimes these things are meant to drill into our heads.

i will still be following closely with upcoming issues before i would decide to subscribe to it tho. will keep it updated.


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