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Monday, October 5, 2009

Target for 1st Monday of OCTOBER

Yes its another Sunday night.. Trading starts in less than 6hours time from now.. Old memories starts flooding in. Not really old though.. its only less than 3 months!!

Yea... its a Sunday night about 2 to 3 months ago. The night that Black and I started our very own LIVE ACCOUNT! So excited... Fiiled with dreams n hopes n goals n this n that bla bla bla... "GUN DOWN THE FOREX CHART!!! AH WOO AH WOO!!" we shouted..
Black even suggested we stay up for the night till market open and rip our first virgin live trade... Close and take profit @ 2 pips!! A good start is a good sign! Muahaha. I would have agreed if im not working the next morning...

Now when i think of it... i wonder why are we so anxious to clear our account... i have barely a fifth left of my capital now.

Was chatting with Black on MSN.. i thought we should first improve on our discipline towards trading. So we set a target of only 2 trades for tmr(Monday) night. Only 2 trades. Aim well, enter well. Exit loaded with pipppoosss... And thats it.. no more, be it lost or profit. We both agreed and signed on dotted lines... Bubble tea treat from whoever broke this "2trade tonight" treaty.. $2 bubble tea = 20pips in micro lot dude.. thats alot of pipssss.

This entry serve as a reminder to both of us. So is the bubble tea. Truthful and honest result will be posted on our next entry.

A trade a day keeps the lost away.

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