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Friday, October 23, 2009

Usd/Jpy & Gpb/Usd

Watching the price for two hours already. Have not entered any trade, USD Existing Home Sales report to be out in half an hour. price may strike in any direction.. so... play safe. ripped a 20 pips last night Usd/Jpy.

The above, is Usd/Jpy yesterday 22 Oct 2009, where i dangerously shorted 20 pips off retracement from top of UPtrend. dangerous? yes, i believe so as i was trading against the trend. that was why i quickly took the pips and went to bed. Check out the price today..

23 October 2009. Price is still moving along the trendline. Well, let's juz watch. This is still at the price of good resistance. To top it off, there is a good forecasted USD Existing Home Sales coming up next.

Check that damn long candle in GpbUsd's chart TODAY! godammit! horny S.M. girls would love such a LONG LONG CANDLESTICK! congrats to those who "rode the stick", and well, sorry to those s/l that was wiped along the line.

Last day of the week, have patient, dont jump in, we always have a monday. :)


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