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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Helluva Night Op Rome

O yes helluva night ytd with Black.. dammit.. But there wasnt a hand for me to hold when i needed one~~~ =(

Was doing trading the whole day u know.. and all was well in the noon when it was ranging, great.. followed system and stuff. PROFIT! Nice word...

Then the night falls... the urge to trade is here once more. Its just like some animal instinct. The best time to trade is approaching and i guess a Noob like me cant resist the temptation to jump into trading... So is Black.. he is a Noob too.. wahahahaha. Hate to admit this, but i realize seasoned/pro traders dont have this habit...

Yea as predicted, my Noob instinct got into me a mess even though i keep telling myself wat not to and wat to follow... i told myself to go in if price hit new low again this and that. SUDDENLY!!!
Im in trade even before this happen.. this is common my friend, we've been struggling with this illness of trading. And not to mention, right beside my trade shows my profit in Pips. -14. GOD DAMMIT!!!!!! HAVE THE GODS NO MERCY!?!?!?!?!?

F*** it u know... then i turn on my MSN and look for Black.. type and type and type and flood his whole message screen and hope to get some assurance from him though sometime he just bullshit to make me feel better, but it really helps u see.. Yea i typed alot but there is no reply from him, my trade is plunging into darkness and way beyond and needed a hand to hold on to to tell me that everything is fine it will come back soon... BUT!! he is outside somewhere doing major transaction and heard he lost 1micro lot.. wahahahahahahaah!! i m seriously luffing in real life. I wont tell wats that transaction about though.. he may get embarrassed... !!!

Anyways, loss keeps accumulating, goes down more and more. News is coming and i dont know if it will support the breakout further. In the end, it wiped out my trade profits in the noon as well. Back to square one. See the danger of just not following the RULES that u set for yourself? So is the $$ management in this case. I lost all profit says everything. DONT LAUGH! IF U R NEW TO THIS!!! I BET THIS WILL HAPPEN TO U OR HAPPENED BEFORE!!! BEWARE!

I want to grow up to be just like them~~

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