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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Dark Cloud Cover"

HelloOoo~~~!! Its me Bottle again. See my title?? It says F you Bottle give me all your pips. BYE BYE!!!!

Yes its really a Dark Cloud Cover for me these past few days...

Good news bad news, 2 news to share. Good news is simple, both Black and I manage to keep our discipline in terms of number of trades a day. Black got 2 trades and myself, 1. No bubble tea treats nothing... Now the bad news... =(

Bad news is... we were both watching closely @ the news. News with great impact shows favourable to the USD. So we both decided to short EUR/USD at our desired price. The moment we short... Our price suddenly became a support line for the price.. it is so common. So god dammit common, for us at least. Cut the story short man, we waited and be good boys, follow system ya?? We shut our comp and went to sleep, sweating...

And instead of going down as the news suggested and we expected, the price shot up and pierce thru our ass from the bottom hitting our SL. Both of us bleed to death in our dreams that night.

Next day, we decided to revenge against the Forex Chart. He poke our ass, we decided to poke him in the eye in return. No news that night, we were using our technical skill~~~ though ours sucks. A ascending triangle was spotted and we went Long the moment it pierce thru my resistance that has been hit a few times. We did wait for it to close over before going in, it was great! Rising to around 8 to 9 pips the moment we went in. BUT!!! For no reason it went back down into my triangle... Same old story dammit!!! Our long price becomes a resistant line !! Again, we set our TP and SL and went to sleep. It go against us and hit our SL, again. 2 straight nights.

Feel so tired... Things just keeps going against us. That 2 night were big losses to me man. I cant believe it. Our Long becomes resistant price, our Short becomes support price. 50/50 chance but always end up @ the losing side. But that doesnt mean i trade only depending on luck! I did my works u know~? Looks like the Gods really have no mercy on noobs. Loves disturbing us. They just keep tickling our balls. PLEASE!! MY CAPITAL IS RUNNING LOW! STOP TICKLING!! IT HURTS!!!

So following news may not be the ultimate way to success in Forex. I think~ cause we've been betrayed several times. Mayb these few days is just part and parcel of our trading journey? Mayb we just need to brush up on our technical skills??

O ya.. Dark Cloud Cover is a term for top reversal signal! Read it up. It helps.

Im a sad fuck

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