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Friday, October 23, 2009


Hello its me again, Bottle. Its been quite sometime, yea... when i say i want to learn more ways to fight that fuckup forex chart.. i really do! And yes i've been away meditating.......

Black comment that i haven been updating for quite sometime and ask me to wake the fuckup and do something. I say OK!! I guess he is feeling cold in here alone. Seeing only posts ending with Your Sincerely Black Yours truely Black Regards Black Thank You Black. =D

NO! I haven got myself some ultimate chart smashing techniques that can let me earn a million overnight during these absence. Yes i've been trading and was doing quite good. I followed quite strictly to the rules i set for myself.. notice that i use the word "Quite". Indeed, i did stray away from Mr Discipline sometimes. Hence, some trades' profits were not maximised.

I have been scalping quite alot lately. Closing usually around 10 - 20 pips with slightly bigger lot. Highest hit profit size is 40pips using smaller lot. Due to the higher SL/TP hence smaller lot.

One secret to my small little puny success (it really counts for nth, but im proud of it!! Noob's style) on the above mentioned. Patience.

Its really simple. Once candlesticks and indicators shows a trend. I choose not to go in straight and instead, i wait for confirmations (etc candle close, crossover) After which still i wont go in, i will wait for it to really happen, then i will go in during retrace @ my FIBOs or Bollinger. The ultimate pussy style. But i rather u him she they anyone else call me pussy than getting myself a floating loss. Stuck in the middle of no where at the mercy of the chart. If u get wat i mean.

There are times when i waited for a good 2 hours for 2 Hourly candlestick to form before i go in. Notice that in one of Black's post, he waited for a good few hours too. Result is positive. Still, this is the noob way of mine. Lets hope i can come up with something that is not so time consuming~ =D

The techniques that i rely on are FIBOs Bollinger Band and EMAs. Mostly scalping on the EUR/USD 1.500 level. Short on FIBO resistance , Long FIBO support. Only on candles confirmation before i go in. As in after a long white candle, i will wait so patiently for it to retrace back to FIBO resistance before i short it. TP @ FIBO support. No news no nothing.

Thats all folks!!! Happy trading!!! May the gods watch over me and have mercy on my poor account!!! AH WOO AH WOO!!!

The Trend is your friend, your friend is a Trend. Follow a friend who is a Trend. Hand in hand, pips by pips.

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