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Monday, November 30, 2009

30 Nov Short Scalping - Eur/Usd

Done with my trades tonight, was suppose to do a full report here but unfortunately, as per my previous post, FXDD is undergoing a transition and i am unable to view my transaction history. I think i will wait for their email on the monthly statement, and until their Report Viewer is ready before im able to publish the record.

Anyway wasn't that bad tonight, enter awhile before the start of New York session. Im scaling myself down to 5M & 15M chart. Dont want to confuse myself to bigger timeframe price action. Trying to stick to and practise on my intra-day trading style.

As usual, my first trade was always like a "testing water". Sometimes u enter a very very small lot, u tend to become more focus in the price movement. Thats what i read from an experienced trader. And when u get hold of that focus, u can 'feel' the market movement better. And i sacrificed my first trade for that, it hit my first trade s/l. And although i profit 4 out of 5 trades tonight, i didnt win big. +5 pips tonight. At least i find myself not revenging the loss trade, i picked them up 1 by 1, small piece by small piece.

Basically just watching price action, candlestick forming for confirmation. All my trades were very short while. I love my last trade. And im beginning to love Divergence Trading.

Check out the two pink line. A regular bearish divergence. What follows? Price dips. But never enter the trade solely on one signal. It came with Shooting Stars, Evening Doji Star, and top of my blue (down)trend line. I believe none of them should be served as the only signal for ur trade decision. But so far, they serve well, together.

Black November Report:
Due to school exams first half of the month, my number of trades this month are reduced by half. Lesson learned, i did not go into crazy revenge trade or big lot this month. Sadly, still making loss this month.

-44 pips
. But these 44 pips were much safer pips than the ones in my previous months (Money Management). This makes me feel better. Im trying to approach my trades in a day-to-day basis, and not let my yesterday's loss affect today's trade. I think we all should do that.


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