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Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm Back & Dead!

Im back. Have been pretty busy the whole semester, all the way until my exams were over on 20th Nov. Last whole week was spent great. Was celebrating my brother's wedding the start of the week, and we stayed over at Crown Plaza Hotel where the wedding dinner was held. I went back to work on Thursday and stayed over a chalet on my friend's birthday, along with Bottle. Followed by a night stay at Marina Bay Sands over the weekend - no casino expedition this time! Fulfilling time to spend post-exams.

Mobile-traded. Realised there were bugs with Oanda's Blackberry mobile app chart. I emailed them with the screenshot and they replied that
they will get it fixed the next release. Price paid was high. I was so closed recouping my account and WHAMP! Bad trades today and all the way back down I went. This trading thingy is a serious patient-tester. It takes time. It takes effort. It takes patient. It takes concentration. All built slowly. But my loss is always like sweeping everything off the table.

Holiday is here, market is around, its time to take it slowly.



Risk Control Master said...

welcome back

Black said...

wazzzupppp RCM!

Bottle said...

Not the best way for a comeback... But still, good to have u back :)

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