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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sweet Come Back + Oanda For BlackBerry

Oanda has finally released their trading app for BlackBerry mobile some time this week. Bottle has been enjoying his Oanda for iPhone app for the past few months already. We got to admit, app developers are more keen to make some iPhone apps because their market are huge, and their app are some times more functional than the ones created for BlackBerries. But I still love BlackBerry. I cant stand touch screen and I'm in love with a physical QWERTY keypad and push-mails. This time, I can say the Oanda app for BlackBerry is pretty decent! Here are some of the screen shots:

I was watching the price for Eur/Usd during lunch time today. Checked past days and day high and low. I know money is not free, but I hastily short at 1.4114 my first trade 2000 units. It went against me quickly all the way to 1.4133 area. Was near to day-high, I average in short again for 2000 units with 14 pips take-profit.

Price quickly rebound down to my take-profit and my first position's entry price. I didn't close the trade, still watching the movement closely. It go all the way back up to 1.4140 which was then the day high and buyer looks pretty strong. My first position was closed at stop loss -26pips.

I wanted to enter the a long on the pair when it spike to 1.4149 in split seconds, I waited for pull back, I took the third/fourth trades at 1.4141 and Aud/Usd at 1.0052. Both are like breaking resistance level to me. And London opening always give a smooth move. My target for both pairs were 1.42 & 1.01, and stop-loss at 1.41 & 1.0 respectively. I decide to let it run, and probably close them both before the New York opening, due to lotsa announcement coming.

Forexfactory is like screening landmine on the road infront of me. You need to screen for mines in the land u're walking before u proceed. Data-release are killers, I won't touch Non-Farm Payroll tomorrow because my pain is still sore from the last encounter - which was the last time I traded before today.

Sweet comeback, after my office meeting I pulled out my BlackBerry and saw the price at 1.4253 (eur/usd) and 1.0104 (aud/usd). Thats it until my exams are over. I'm looking to join Asia Pac COOP which is right after my exams, let's see how it goes.

+94 pips.



Anonymous said...

When I read about the BlackBerry ap I got very excited. That probably says something about the sorry state of my life! BUT it's not compatible with my model, the world is moving too fast :-)

Black said...

True, when I first bought my 9700 Bold back then it was still one of the latest model, just six months later there is a new 9780, torch and style or something. competition is tough in this market, I will stick to mine until the day I say the same thing as u :)

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