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Friday, October 28, 2011

Boring Market to End the Week

Had my sell-limit at 1.4205 triggered overnight. Today Eur/Usd has been a very dry session from Asian session thru Europe all the way to the US. I woke up from 1.4171 ranging all the way until 2 hours before US open I closed my short at 1.4156, to end the week.

It is currently still ranging at this price at the point of writing. There has been bulls over the two days, not sure how long it will last. Will the gains be corrected? Risk aversion increase and then the bear takes over?

+49 pips

Hopefully I may get to do a super-long over-due monthly review this weekend. YAA.. only do when things are running good and abandon any review thingy when account got blew up.

But I think it is a good way to re-align myself, as well as a review on how I am going to approach trading upcoming months as well as my poker journey.

Happy trading people, have a nice weekend!



Ai Shiang ♒ said...

Your chart looks a bit different than my platform. In terms of its price. My platform never reached 1.4200 over night. at GMT 8:00 it was 1.4196. At GMT 16:00 it was 1.4188.

Black said...

You were right, the spike towards high of 1.4245 happened about 22:00 GMT+8 lol. After that it never came higher than 1.42. Thanks for notifying!

Scary dp! :)

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