"Take Risks: If you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise. Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Monday, October 17, 2011

Eur/Usd, Aud/Usd Set-Ups, 27 Sit n' Go

Good start of the week. Open up my stocks portfolio it was finally recovering nicely. It has been red for the past weeks. Quite relief, though I am intending to put them long term, like say 3-4 years.

I resigned my job, without a job. Planning to take a break, trade full-time for the time being as a try-out. Go holidays and then resume finding a job. Sounds crazy to a lot but this is something that I feel I need right now. I am really glad I have family and girlfriend and some friends support on this. As I do not have much burden at the moment, I think it is an opportunity. When my expensive house come in 2014, I will be in debt for at least 20 years!

After serving my notice period, I will have more focus on trading and blog more. I can't say I will put poker aside too, I love it. But even USA, the country of freedom has had online poker banned, I wonder how long can this dream last in my country, to just a hobby.

Came home tonight planning to do a few trade set-up. I wasn't blogging because I simply wasn't active. Posting up a few of my set-up. Basically based on price actions.

Long set-up. If price go up to hit the square, my limit order..
Long: 1.4
Target: 1.45
Stop/loss: 1.36

Long: 1.0230
Target: 1.0430
Stop/loss: 1.01

Proceed to grind poker. Had it for the past 3 hours. Grinding cash games and tried out a 27-men Sit n' Go. I quickly knocked out 2 guys early game, leading the game first half. Struggling in my second half, I managed to take a lot of calculated risks. One thing I learned from studying and playing with a lot of players live, I take more risks now. Unlike previously, I was way too tight. I played poker like only throwing into a sure-win. So I always got grind slowly by others and most situations, end up short stack.

What I do mean by taking risk? When I have better hole cards, I tend to call raises or raises more. When you have high expected value, you want to make a bigger pot. When you got (suited) connectors or marginal hands, you may just want to see cheap flops. Like investments, managing your risk:reward ratio.

On the other hand, I put in a number of deceiving moves or bluffs in my game these days. Raise with trash once in a while. You need to pay a bit to create a "metagame" depending on situations. Every investments need to PAY. Check-raising used to be crazy to me. But it does wonders. No one does it perfectly trying for the first few times. I am still learning. I even got scolded by another player "stupid raise" the other day. Well, nowadays I ignore online chat. Take them as drunkards.

I avoided more than 2-way all-ins during the bubble of the tournament. My firstime into money finishes for 27-SNG and I cashed out in 2nd place. Chiplead had more than 10 times my stack during heads-up. But I was very happy with the result already. Doubled-up in cash game. Avoiding multi-table because I still suck and I know it.

Played a few heads-up with my buddy in Home Games. Even he has commented that I have been aggressive unlike lastime - where my ball shrink when I was check-raised. But ironically, he commented it when I called his nuts. A**!

Anyway, this is how for the night. Will update my results next post.


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