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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Euro & Sterling Trades - Closed


After trying to hard to beat the resistance around 1.3950, it has finally broken up, now dancing its way towards next fibo 1.42. During the start of EU summit, Eur/Usd dropped towards 1.3800. Hopes dashed. I followed @kathylienfx twitter closely. It makes sense that EU can't afford not to have plans, but the market reactions was a wild one indeed.

Price recovered by Asian opening and was a relief, along with EU news that the leaders have worked late at night to come up with a comprehensive rescue plan for the region. Price does break up beautifully, just that my exit still doesn't makes sense. But thankful it has been a profit after last night madness.

+67 pips

Currently sell-limit placed at 1.42


Had another long on the cables. Another one I felt my exit point doesn't make sense either. It was way below my original take-profit basing on Daily. Now it is 40 pips higher than where I closed.

+66 pips

Risk sentiments are strong right now, what about next week?

Useful site I been using. Kind of a guide, but don't completely rely on it - ForexLive.


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