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Friday, March 2, 2012

3 Months into 2012

3 months into 2012 already! Time really flies, we r nearing the predicted 12122012 end of the world. LOL. I wonder if that day really is the end of the world, how would the guy who just strike 10million dollars lottery feels, Prize Collection Date : 12/12/2012. Or that kid who slog 3years of his life n finally gets to graduate. Graduation day - 12/12/2012. Sucks for sure.

Anyway, these few months my account has been like a roller coaster ride, as usual. Up n down up n down n im still at square one. I wonder if its just me, i always felt that i will make it someday and becomes a full fledge trader! HAHA! Even when trades hit stop loss, i felt like i've learned something from it and as long as i doesnt repeat it, i will reach my goal sooner or later. But unfortunately, it seems rather abit late. =~( What if the day i really achieve my goal is the same day that guy strike his lottery n that kid graduating?? LOL

Some trades i did recently, quite interesting though, is on DOUBLE ZEROES as support and resistance. Scalping 10 to 15 pips at a time during not so violatile hours on smaller timeframes. Areas like 1.3400 and 1.3300. Glad i didnt trade during Bernake's speech. His is like the voice of the emperor. One word one cough or one fart and the whole market shooks with it. Pretty scary what one man can do eh? Its best to shut ur pc and sleep when these important figures are giving speech.

Best of luck to all of u out there!

Be happy with what we have. Nothing feels better than being satisfied.

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