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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stars, Spiders, Long Legs bla bla bla

Spotted some bearish candlesticks on 4H chart.. not sure if it means anything. But it does seems like bearish bias. So, action speaks louder than words! IM IN TRADE! LOL. Did a Short @ 1.3328. SL @ 40pips away & TP @ abt 40 to 50 pips away. Shall amend if there is difficulty in achieving it.

So, will TP or SL be hit first... anybody betting? LOL...
Results will be posted after it ends.

-UPDATE- Fail... Stoploss hit. Market is too choppy and kinda ranging.
-40 pips , +100 experience.



ryannnn said...

Can't lose sight of those positive experience points.

Take care!


Bottle said...

Lol yea.. Im gonna level up soon!

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