"Take Risks: If you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise. Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Monday, March 19, 2012

Teardown Week!

These are some last week's trade.. some massive tear down once again.. sigh. I seem so good at making exactly the opposite trade from the market. Both positions did not went +10 pips. All the way down!

Gbp/Usd -49 pips.

Usd/Chf -120 pips (stop loss moved, serve u right Black)


Ivan Sonavia said...

Hi there,

I like your blog. A blog of a forex trader and a poker player. What a great combination.

Black said...

Thanks, got once a friend of mine told me its a serious combination, poker n trading, n asked me mght as well pour fuel on myself and lit a fire lol.

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