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Friday, March 9, 2012

Let It Go, Let It Go, Let It Go~

Interesting trade above for the Aud/Usd. Went long in view of the cross-over sma lines. My target was at 1.07, risk:reward of about 1:1. Price went up thrice towards a good 50 pips for me to bag (which I usually do), but I just waited for it to break it up, it didn't. So I closed it at +11 pips prior to the Non-Farm Payroll announcement.

Just a short scalp for about +18 pips on the announcement, on Eur/Usd. Eur/Usd quickly reacted to the news, falling from 1.319x to 1.316x right before I tried to click the sell button, more brutal than the 10 pip-spread during the actual minute of the data release. 

I supposed some of you are still trading at the moment, this is it for me for the week. Have a great weekend!


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