"Take Risks: If you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise. Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Friday, March 23, 2012

When EVERYTHING doesnt go your way.

Guess its really hard to "grow" out of this shit. EVERYTHING just goes wrong..
The feeling of "the market is watching u and doing everything against u" is here again... For fuck sake, this is like the countless times this month.. and its like only halfway through.

Have u ever been through times when u studied the chart and went SHORT, some analyst says should LONG. Result : Stoploss. Nevermind, i may have overlooked something here. Let it be.

Next trade, studied the chart again and went LONG, some analyst says should LONG. O yea, finally someone agrees with me. Result : Stoploss. Nevermind, the analyst suck and i suck too.

Third trade, same... studied the chart again, went LONG, some analyst says go LONG. O yea, once again im not alone... Result : Stoploss. Fuck.........

Fourth trade, still focused... studied the chart, went SHORT, same old "some analyst" say should go LONG. Result : Stoploss. .................


Yea now its trending these faces... so im just going along. BUT!!! That is really how i felt when this kinda shit happens. HAVE THE GODS NO MERCY????!!!!

On top of all these, i've been following my "system" for a couple of trades. 4 trades to be exact. I got whipped, with 2 stoploss hit and 2 breakeven. Then comes the 5th one that i missed out due to work commitment. IS THE ONE THAT HITS TP IF I TRADED!!

Once again......

There is more, trust me... but i shall not taint this blog with my negativity. There is still hope. Have faith!


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