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Monday, April 19, 2010

19 Apr, Eur/Usd - Short Swing & Wasted Shit!

Taken a short swing today. Sold the euros and went to work. As i'm recovering from previous lost, i took very small position. I sold off at early session 1.3486. 2nd position (sell stop) hit at 1.3460. Taking small position gives me a lot of comfort to swing.

When i came home after work, price was about +40 and +66, i did not close. I thought it could (instead of i want) go further. but after New york session came in, euro recovered. my trailing was hit at +8 and +32. &$*#^@&#^) wasted shit! well, at least a win. one little step towards recovering my losses. Anyway, i really wondered if the Iceland Volcanoes that halt so many EU airports does affect the euros?

+40 pips.



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