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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Black: March Review & Short Break

Hi guys, time for a review as i'll be away for the rest of the week. Like FX, i'll be going away on a short trip to neighbouring country for couple of days on Good Friday - it will be holiday here in Singapore, not too sure in the States but i know i'm missing out the NFP this friday. Tomorrow is my last day of work with my current employer, it's good to take a break, keep ur mind off things and refresh myself for a week before embarking new workplace.

42 trades: (30 winners, 11 losers, 1 b/e)

Week 1: -53
Week 2: -4
Week 3: +68
Week 4: -5
Week 5: +35

Month: +41
Profit/Loss: +4.36%

Other than start of the month, which i loses focus, i'm pretty glad for the rest of the month, than the last. After my big dip earlier this month, i managed to trade consecutively 18 winners, a streak i've never experience before. But talking about quality, i think im still far from it.

I'm still hoping one day i can trade on larger scale - swinging my trades. But like what Seeni told me, if it's working for me, just stick to it first. During my trades this month, i've also been actively surfing the Currensee.com, you can set your own strategy and then track your performance. You can even see others' performance, making it a open community for the forex traders.

I hope to maintain good trades next month. Hopefully i'll still be as active when i go to new work place and school assignments are coming too. Well, need to brush up my risk:reward and profit-running strategies.

Keep it touch.



daytrader233 said...

Enjoy your time away Black. And good luck with the new job!

Black said...

Thanks DT, its great to see u dropping by and ur new research coming along, all the best! :)

Attitude Trader said...

Well done for March!


Black said...

Thanks AT! Great to see ya.

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