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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Blacky Backie

Well, not exactly on my trade postings though. Just a few words (prep-talk?) before the new week begin. It's the firstime, i had a completely tradeless week ever since i embarked in this trading journey. Not really that unproductive though, my new work begun, some catching up with friends and love ones, and my school assignments joining in the fun.

My mind, kept away from trading most of the time this week. My heart though, still beating for a come-back. My trader-blogger community of friends are wonderful, it is the encouragement they gave u when u're knocked out and at least i know what i just been through and i'm not alone in this kind of process. most traders go thru' this same shit. Bottle goes thru' the same shit. So do i.

I had forgotten my role in this year's trading resolution and the monetary gains (instead of pips i should be targeting) blinded me and therefore revenge trades happened. I should really study the importance and the way of achieving long-term success in forex trading.

If schedule permits, i should be posting on trades soon. Great to see most guys out there doing well, take care!



FFXD said...

Good luck for next week.

Black said...

Thanks FFXD, same to you. Added your link in our blogroll.

Black said...

Sorry, having some problems with ur the blog feeds in the link.

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