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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

15 Mar, Eur/Usd - Prolonged & Tiring Trade

Session: London, New York crossover.
Timeframe: 15M.
Technical: Stochastic Oscillator.
Fundamental: Nil.
Strategy: Day low, seller momentum drops. Aiming for slight retracement. S/L was adjusted once by 5 pips.

Was supposed to scalp but taken an early entry. average loss position was smooth. I realise the price entry of my first position was actually the same as Bottle's. And most of the period of this position price never went higher than +1 floating profit.

Two entries.

After some time.. retracements slowly making its way after a long dollar rally day.. very very slowly.. zzz. don't like my entries today.

+7 pips, first position still running.


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