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Monday, March 8, 2010

8 Mar, Aud/Usd - Optionetics + First Trade

Bottle called me the other day to go for a seminar, Optionetics. Its about options trading. Both of us does not have much idea about options trading, or basically not at all. The speaker was great, although it did mention about the danger of options trading, of course, it showed us all the impressive trades he had.

The talk is here in Singapore over last weekend. I bet we're the youngest attendees on the Saturday afternoon session. After discount, the lesson (if you are interested to participate) is $5,000. If you do not triple your account after six months, the $5,000 is return to you, fully. Very attractive. We didnt have that much money to start in the first place.

Well, at least we have insights on options trading, which, in turns leaves us one more investment option. We'll talk about it some day though.

Duration: 40 minutes.
Timeframe: 15M.
Technical: Moving average, Fibo.
Fundamental: Nil.
Strategy: Candle closes below 50SMA, 10SMA crossover 20SMA. Take profit at fibo line, stop loss behind 20SMA.

-15 pips.

The impulse of going in to get it back was here again. But i held, told myself, the analysis has been wad i was doing. Take it and we'll try again another day. Forget about how this loss stack over my NFP night last Friday, this is part of the loss in my analysis. I think i needed to wait for New York crossover session.



Risk Control Master said...

tripple in 6 month... that's very attractive.

Black said...

indeed RCM, if one has spare cash and time, i think it is worth giving it a try. it is luring people to join by "giving the fish".. instead, wad i see from the course is learning "how to fish", in the stock options market.

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