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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Book Review: Think BIG & Kick Ass

The reason i've found out about this book was through Simon Super Trader's Book Review. He has a nice and sweet review there. There is one thing i agree with Simon, this book is catchy. It is the way Donald Trump presented it in his book. This book is thick but i found myself finishing it faster than i read any other books.

Probably based on the perception we've already seen in him on TV, his words have more weight. He puts it straight and its funny how he gave critics to ppl who "doesnt think big" and went to hide when they give up on difficult situations.

Well, clearly one of the reason i picked this up after Simon's review was like anyone who would pick up a self-improvement book for themselves. I want to see in his point of view, how to think BIG and kick ass in life. close frens know that i let things be the way they are and a lot of times letting other ppl or situation control me instead of fighting for myself.

He says "Since you are already thinking, you might as well think BIG". one of the interesting thing about this book was on "Revenge'. It is rare when writers wouldn't bother being "nice guy" but tells u what he personally felt about life. Getting back at people who once step on you, a way of making that person not "touching" you again, and also a way of showing others that u're not to be messed with.

Another topic in the book which i found quite fascinating was what he called the "BIG MO!". what he meant was that no matter what you do, your passion, your work, our trading, we gotta focus. we should not let loose our momentum. not price momentum though, but keeping our momentum when we're doing good.. staying in focus. There were times his business went haywired when he started thinking that he has already succeeded and began to take things easy.

The only thing i might not follow in his book is the "Prenuptial Agreement" with your spouse. Well, obviously i do not have any big assets to draw a line with if things go out of way. I have to agree with him that women are fiercer than any business enemies u have after breakup, look at Tiger Woods, Jack Neo etc. happening in the news recently. But asking them to sign such an agreement before a lovely marriage is something i don't think i will see myself do.

I will still read it again when i have finish Reminiscence of a Stock Operator and Fooled By Randomness. Book review on Trading from your Gut will be up next.


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Parvinder said...

I picked this book while I was surfing in Amazon. I read the preview of this book and decided immediately to buy it.

I always admire Donald Trump for the man he became, and for his success. There is no doubt that he is a self made man. In this book he tells us what to be and not only what to do.... there is a huge difference.

He is an open man. I learned a lot from his advice through this book. I recommend this book to everyone who wants to get inspired.

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