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Monday, March 22, 2010

22 Mar, Eur/Usd - Scalp & Upsize Again

Thankful that I have break-even this month and approaching the green area, but still too early to tell. I have to bear in mind that single losing trade might break this momentum. So emotion-check is still critical, business costs are still around the corner.

Earlier this month, my equity had dipped to a point lower than ever (about draw-down of about 10%), but breaking even and the journey back up is fulfilling. You bear in mind what not to do that causes the draw-downs, and so to avoid it, while in the process, discover new ways of making back these money.

Session: London.
Duration: 9 minutes.
Timeframe: 15M.
Technical: Fibonacci.
Fundamental: Nil.
Strategy: Price went up approaching London opening second hour. Sold on retracement after candle closes within 38.2% fibo. A very short scalp, @ higher position sizing (x3).

Just a short scalp to end my day.

+5 pips.


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