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Thursday, June 10, 2010

10 Jun, Eur/Usd - Waiting For The Ride Home

By the time i opened up the chart the bullish movement was already at its peak. Not too sure whether it was due to the bearish data (USD) of Unemployment claims an hour and a half back. I cannot guarantee that it was at it peak either, so i waited for the 1H candle to close. Beforehand buyers seem to be already exhausted, targeted my price at near day-high of 1.2132, but went in short at 1.2131 (1 pip lower) and luckily, price dipped from there. Lady Fortuna was with me. It is always a dangerous move to trade against the direction of the trend therefore i didnt drag it long and went out at take-profit.

See how much it went down after i finish typing this post!! If only........! But then again, you can not always get the full move of the price. Thats my target and thats about it.

+11 pips.



fxintradayjim said...

Brave trade there Black. Was that a MACD Divergent trade by any chance ?

Risk Control Master said...

Nice trade Black.

Jim: I guess it was, on 1 minute chart...


Ayumi said...

Black, you are hardworking and traded well!

Black said...

Hi Jimmy, I wasnt that sure because i was using a longer time frame, it probably was based on RCM's chart.

Thanks Ayumi!

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