"Take Risks: If you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise. Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Black: June Review

Above is my equity graph for June for FXDD account. Below are results for FXDD + Oanda account combined. Will combine both in future.

Week 1: +51
Week 2: +11
Week 3: +105
Week 4: +55
Week 5: +114

Month: +336 pips
Equity: +22.06%

Very happy with my result this month, though they are nothing more than breaking even from my April's devastating month. Most of the trades, I have been lucky for this month, ever since the lucky NFP catapult trade, those dangerous pullbacks and averaging-ins.. if they were to went against me thing would've been very different.

One of the thing I have improve this month is the using of position sizing. I used different sizes of pips a lot, depending on the confidence of the entry. I did not force myself to trade most of the night, so I still enjoy quite a bit of personal life in balance.

But there is one thing that is still grey, I wonder if I could take loses. I have been lucky to win most of the nights this month, what if there was a losing night? Would my revenge monster rage and do all foolish things again? Or is it due to some kind of revenge that I turn some losing night into wins, due to luck?

Nevertheless, I will approach the new month with high caution like this one. I cannot let down my guards because I still do not know if this revenge syndrome has been curbed. Happy to make new trader friends along the way with this blog. Thanks everyone for the support & encouragement in between and let's work hard together!



longandwrong said...

A nice month's work *AND*, more important than a single month's data, you seem to be aware of the potential pitfalls.

FX said...

Very nice, congratulation!

Black said...

Thank u LW! yeah man. Being aware of the pitfall is the first step towards handling it. I will not say in future I will be able to stop myself from doing foolish things, afterall we're humans and emotional, just hope this revenge monster will be 'tamed'. :)

Black said...

Hello FX! Thanks, July will be a better month for us! Weeee...

Ayumi said...


I found myself have the same 'revenge' attitude from my fortnight review.


Realization is the first step of breakthrough! Only when we recognize it, we are able to minimize it!

I trust that you can make it! More profitable weeks ahead!

Black said...

Really Ayumi? You seems to be more calm than how you describe yourself :)

Thank you, all the best to you too! Sweet 200 pips there!

DT233 said...

Well done Black!

And to think, I was going to send you FREE books. LOL


Black said...

Howdy DT! Yes, one never stops learning. Besides, free books can save me LOTS OF pips, monetarily. :D

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