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Monday, June 14, 2010

14 Jun, Eur/Usd, Aud/Usd - Planned & Went

Told myself i wanted to long the aussie the night before the market open. Here's what happened today.. I took 3 positions in total.

I opened up my chart while i was changing for work. I study it a little, before taking any position. I took my laptop to my dining table where i had my breakfast. i setup my limit orders for my Aud/Usd pair (in my LIVE FXDD acct), exactly the same into my FXGame, so that I can track my position during work as the MT4 cannot be installed into my BlackBerry Bold 9700.

Limited orders on Aud/Usd (mid size position): entry @ 0.8560 as previous rebound was at 0.8550 so if it managed to breakthru' this point it should go further.. something i learned from FX's comment to Bottle's post on Feb Review.. whom speak of experience.

Second entry on Aud/Usd (small size position): entry @ 0.8545 for longer term trade.

All these were done while i was biting my gardenia bread with butter? i dont really remember. i dont know why i was so eager to do this since last night and i went to work forgetting my daily dose of spirulina capsule, forgotten to eat my medicine (had vertigo since my exam), forgot to bring my office pass.

After some cool set-up (all with stop-loss of course), i watched the Eur/Usd with slight interest. I went in full size @ 1.2185 and take-profit @ 1.2200 double zeros in 11 minutes before price went back down for the rest of Japanese session. Eur/Usd:

My limit order (Aud/Usd) was hit before i went to work. indeed, throughout the day price barely moved below 0.8550 anymore. i was literally watching the price throughout my work. it took close to 10 hours before my limit order position was hit take-profit.

Closed my itchy hand second position (Aud/Usd too) after i got home. I probably would have done so long ago if i could do so with my mobile.. and see how it went 30 pips up further after i came out of the bathroom. Aud/Usd:

Great start of the week.

+105 pips.


PS: How's the new blog layout?? Let me noe if it sucked.


DT233 said...

First of all Black, well done! 105 pips to start the week. Excellent!

Also, I'm not a big fan of our Blogger layout options now. I made the mistake of changing yesterday not realizing that I would lose the one I had. Now I'm stuck with the one I'm using now. Oh well, it may change.

Once again, great job!

Black said...

Thank you DT!! LOL I juz saw that.. you mean we can't change back to our previous template?!

Ayumi said...

Great Job!

FFXD said...

Very well done with 105 pips... also, very nice layout. :)

Black said...

Thanks Ayumi & FFXD!

Yea.. hope this layout is more "readable".. :)

Risk Control Master said...

nice trade Black. I have different voice for the blog layout, I'm old and I like the simple/easy layout better, so the less fancy layout works for me.

Black said...

Roger that RCM, thanks for your opinion, I'll look into that.

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