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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2 Jun, Aud/Usd - The Great Reversal

Havent live trade for half a month. Its a good come back. Bought after reversal. My profit-target was simply at 20SMA green line, with stop loss below prior candle low. It wasnt an excellent risk:reward ratio though, almost a 1:1, but those were the few signals which prompted my setups.

From the time i started trading the aussie, it hasnt been at such a low price. I didnt trade aussie very long though lol. Therefore, i dont know what it would be like trading longer term.

I seriously do not know how long do i need to break-even my original account. Seem like a thousand mile away.



Risk Control Master said...

About BE your account, really depends how how much down you are right now, you may need addtional fund to get the train moving again.

FFXD said...

The slower you go, the lesser the probability of crashing.

Black said...

RCM, if it is based on your comment in my "April Review" post, then i guess my train has stuck in the same station for a very long time..

FFXD, noted your point there.

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