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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

22 Jun, Eur/Usd - Failed Pullback

Obviously from the green dotted line i was in almost 3 positions at one time, up to four earlier tonight. I took the first long position slightly before the second last yellow candle closes. i thought i could catch another pull-back tonite, but not so lucky. seller still look strong so i closed my position immediately at losses.

I sold immediately after price recovered a little. price went up quite a bit and i took two more position in. very dangerous trades when averaging losses. i felt price shd go further back down, at least towards my target. general downtrend though..

Unfortunately, none of my position hit take-profit. it was those 4-5 pips away. and i closed them. in fact, my fourth position came in before i closed those 3 positions. i left my 4th position run. but instead it started to ran in the direction opposing my favour. i closed before it went any step towards my stop-loss further. in the end..

+6 pips.


PS: Just wanted to add, my further trading tonight was held back because i have serious problematic experience with FXDD Malta LIVE servers. Imagine scalping and u see the top left hand corner MT4 clock stop click, and when it return to moving its a split +30 seconds and the price i wanted to close has already passed by. its not only tonight, but so far i have traded it happens. some times it stucked so unreasonably i have to re-connect. damn! gotta set all my s/l t/p before my trades from now.

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