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Monday, June 21, 2010

21 Jun, Eur/Usd - Pullback & Oanda Account Approved!

A sudden big dip 30 minutes before US market opening. Long after candle closes. Price was still struggling either way. After Doji candlestick formed, taken another long position in and closes before white 10SMA line.

My Oanda Asia Pacific account has been approved! Finally, funded it but the money hasnt reached their hands, probably somewhere in the internet cable lines that need 2 working days to arrive. I had plenty of questions for their helpdesk, and they were prompt and concise, which i truly appreciate. I had plenty of questions regarding their bank transfer.

Its great to open a local broker, because i dont have to worry bank wire charges/pay pal charges and converting currencies which are taking up so much micro lots from me. I noticed there are withdrawal charges from this Oanda despite local, except if you're withdrawing into the same bank they are using (Standard Chartered). Luckily I do have one and i asked them questions again.

Therefore, conclusively, I would have no charges funding/withdrawing from Oanda Asia Pacific at all, which makes me decided to postpone my plan to fund my current FXDD account - because im running out of money.

+22 pips.


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