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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

30 Jun, Aud/Usd, Gbp/Usd - Price Action on Mobile

Was trading on my mobile web browser, FXTrade, this whole day. I started before i left home. It was juz two hours after Australia market opened. Aussie seems bullish for the day. So i bought with wide s/l & t/p. I broke my rule on trading mobile, as my initial plan was simply using it to close trade if i am not at home to do so.

All trades today were taken the smallest size as a pre-caution as I am at work and it wasn't that convenient. Price dipped about 30 pips when I reached my workplace. I average in. I hold on to them all till lunch time. Price recovered quickly in between and buyers looking strong. I longed on Gbp/Usd. I closed it shortly for only about 4 pips at 1.5069, still not very comfortable with this volatile pair.

Aud/Usd went back down to my entry price later and i long another trade. Its been a fortunate day as I wasn't on the negative side for that long. I refreshed my mobile browser countless times. During trade execution, my mind told me that it's gonna be a longer term trade. But my eyes couldn't keep off the price! I closed my very first position 20 pips away from day-high. Not so fun trading during work. I didn't even see the chart, i was just monitoring PRETTY closely the price through-out the day.

Finally closed my last position after lunch.

+114 pips (smallest size).



Bottle said...

Niceeeee... 114 pips is no small feat bro

Black said...

Thanks bro! Smallest pip size though!

DT233 said...

Instead of books, maybe I should just let you trade my account for me! :D

Well done!

Black said...

Thanks DT, but I still want books! Lol!

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