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Friday, July 2, 2010

2 July, Eur/Usd - Non-Farm Payroll

Time of the month again. I fired up both my Oanda & FXDD, thinking that I would be trading with FXDD tonight, due to pip that spread as much as 3.5 (Eur/Usd) for Oanda. But NO. I didn't touch FXDD at all, not that I didnt touch, but it wouldnt allow me. As soon as the data release, I longed. FXDD MetaTrader4 replied me "No Connection". Wth? Otherwise it would be a "slippage" occurred, most of the time.

Forget it, I thought. I threw it aside and popped back to Oanda and started buying. I was up a lot. And then greed got me and I bought at 1.2610 resistance level. Dead meat. Based on the volatility, I was switching side all the time (between buying & selling). I switched very fast, taking bit by bit. Seriously, I couldnt count the amount of transaction I took tonight, let alone the pips.

After initial losses, I admit the revenge monster did appeared. But not towards the pips size luckily, but still diving back into the chart, dangerously. I don't know how to count the pips I took, if I try I would have post this next morning by the time I finish calculating the winning & losing pips.

I don't know why but I have the tendency to go in a lot of trades with Oanda. When I flipped back to MT4, I juz don't feel like doing anything. Exhausting, time to take a rest. Happy weekend everyone!




FX said...

"I don't know why but I have the tendency to go in a lot of trades with Oanda." :))
Oanda's charts have that game feel so it's like junk food when you start you can't stop.

Anonymous said...

I am hoping to slowly but surely get to the point where I only make 2 or 3 trades a day right at the level.

Black said...

Agreed, as too much junk food can be bad too. :)

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