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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

13 Jul, Eur/Usd + Poker - Put'em Back Down.

Trade went badly. I am in going thru an awful process. At those times I don't know is it my stop/loss are too tight or something. Eur/Usd keep rising and rising. I had many scalps in between. I had a full size lot barely touching my take-profit and it reverse all the way to my stop/loss, check out the printscreen below.

One of those days. Traded and traded again.

I had poker in the night too, before this awful trades. I played two tourney tables, Hold'em Turbo Double or Nothing again. I dominated the first table and lost the other at 6th place, damn. Although the river came an Ace that paired with my A+Q, the turn had already spell out the game when his third 9 came out. I had to give it a shot as my capital is running out and the Blinds are very very high.

Very very bad night again.

FX: -50 pips.
Poker: -$0.20


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