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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Poker: 14 July

Same tourneys today. I wanted to play ring games but I think I need more seat-down time if I want to play them, but I don't. Quite consistent for both rounds. At the edge of losing but good card gave me the chance to fight back.

I feel that in tourney, when ur stakes are running low, you have to push forward as long as you have great cards eg. AA, AK, KK, KQ, or suites pictures - at least for me. Otherwise, the blinds will eat you up alive.

Result: +$1.80


FFXD said...

Isn't playing poker more fun than trading forex? :D

Black said...

Yes in some way it is, especially the process. For forex trading I only enjoy the winning part LOL.

ANON said...

What you said at the end about pushing is a must if you're short stacked (in comparison to players and blinds). Good players will often push with any pair (in late position), or with about anything that has an ace (in late position). They basically lower their requirements in relation to whether or not they think their opponent will fold.

I haven't played tournies in a while, but I remember that was part of a winning strategy. You have to steal blinds and, if that can't be done, take your chances with the best that you've got.

Good job, btw.

Black said...

Thank you for pointing out ANON, will take note.. much to learn!! :)

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