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Monday, July 12, 2010

12 Jul, Eur/Usd - Pick It Up

Back trading my FXDD account above with my MT4. Well, I felt a lot calmer trading with this. I know it is more "expensive" due to the spread cost. But I don't find myself jumping in all the time. Important thing tonight is to pick myself back first.

Sold the Eur/Usd pair on after a little pullback on the generally downtrend. Picked up my first position with +5 pips on full size. I still have running trades with smaller size position and tight stop-loss. I find that once it break 38.2 fibo level I should be out of it, else I should let it run.

Congratulations to Spain on World Cup 2010! Watching the match (2:30am in a Monday morning) makes me a zombie at work today. :)

Gonna get some rest.


PS: Closed all @ +21pips.

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