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Monday, July 5, 2010

Strange Encounter & One of Those Days

I have recently switched all my bookmarks/google-following into simply a firefox add-on call feedly. Quite cool for a feed reader. At least now I gathered all my sites which I frequently visit into a single location and then only turn on the feedly and read, instead of visiting each sites. On top of that, it synchronizes with Google Reader.

Well, here's a strange encounter I had with Oanda customer service. Oanda Asia Pacific here in Singapore conduct a bi-weekly platform training in their head-office. So I receive an email and decide to ask Bottle along. I send an email to them to register for two seats this month-end. It shd be useful. Here was the email correspondences:

Me: Hi, I'm registering for 2 seats for your 30th July session, Black and Bottle, looking forward to your confirmation.
Oanda: Dear Alan, Thank you for your interest in OANDA Asia Pacific (OAP). We are pleased to confirm your attendance for our platform training on 30th July. Looking forward to see you.

Me: Hi, This is Black, not Alan. I have registered for two seats in my previous email. Please confirm, thanks.
Oanda: Dear Black, My apologies on that. Yes, we have confirmed your attendance for tomorrow. Thank you.

In my previous email, it was 3 attendance, for 30th July, not tomorrow!!!! (exclamation mark added in this post)

That officer called me the next morning and apologize to sort things out. Well, I wasn't angry, just find it interesting. I wouldn't say the same if it's talking about funding/withdrawing my money lol.

Anyway, today I mobile traded again and got punched in the face. It seems that the market was trying to tell me to take him seriously. It's not something I can simply buy/sell while sitting in the office. I longed the cable and it went 4 pips before my take-profit and went back all the way down into the drain. I came home to recover a little bit back. But was out too early, due to fear brought in from the day.

-50 pips.



Bottle said...

Hahaha... Damn...

Hahaha for ur strange n hilarious encounter.
Damn for ur mobile trade.

Lets hope we can learn smth interesting from the seminar bro.

Black said...

Yes. Screw mobile trade, cuz I got screwed by it!! Oanda called me again this morning to check if everything was ok, good service!

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