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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just Words

Thanks Jules for the comment on my recent tilt. Reply comments thru' post, something I learned from you. And I welcome you and "Scooby" on your first comments in my blog, thank you guys for the encouragement. Ironically, I wrote tons of trading posts and only got L&W his first comment here in this blog with a poker post.

I watched the movie Rounders (1998) on Texas Hold'em recently, after gettin' quite interested into poker. Very nice show with a lot of quotes. One of them he mentioned I find it quite true. He experienced a bad beat at the start of the show (lost his $30,000 bankroll with a full house of nines over aces to Teddy KGB's hidden aces over nines), and had never touch poker for the next nine months.

Before he sat down in his first poker table after such long break he said to himself (narrative): " In Confessions of a Winning Poker Player, Jack King said, "Few players recall big pots they have won -- strange as it seems -- but every player can remember with remarkable accuracy the outstanding tough beats of his career." Seems true to me, 'cause walking in here I can hardly remember how I built my bankroll, but I can't stop thinking how I lost it."

How true that is, even in trading sense, as it's exactly how I felt about myself. Thanks for sharing with me your experiences too Jules. Learning poker/trading rules are definitely easy, but mastering ourselves is another story. But that is what I want to do, I hope to see myself succeed some day.

I had LIVE poker for the first time with my family over last weekend for fun, and we really enjoyed ourselves. My brother-in-law went fanatic and went to buy a set of poker chips the next day and we're looking forward to another round of battle this weekend.

Taking it easy tonight. I'm playing fake money poker online for some leisure time.

+$1 million (well, fake money)



Risk Control Master said...

Rounders is a good movie.

And play with friends/family is fun.

longandwrong said...

I promise a trading-related comment soon BUT ;-) ...

The problem with poker, even more so than trading, is the variance. The reason that poker is so successful is that even bad players can win (which keeps them coming back) but they will lose over the long term.

Play 100k hands and see how many bb/100 your edge is. Otherwise you just get caught up in the swings which are a function of the game not you.

FFXD said...

Very interesting post and I loved the quote you posted.

ANON said...

Listen to L&W, what he said is 100% true! =)

Also, Rounders is a two thumbs up poker movie. Glad you liked it!

"Does this look like a man beaten by jacks?" :)

Black said...

I'm ashamed to admit that I did google before I know what exactly BB/100 is after reading the comments.

My excuse is I started poker only 3 months back! :D

Booo... :O

But it is a good way to learn, thank you guys.

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